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Teacher Training Programmes

UKLC has a long and successful track record in the delivery of teacher training programes.

For Teacher Training Organisations – Over the last 5 years, UKLC has helped develop over 1000 teachers on face-to-face training programmes and 80,000 teachers through asynchronous online sessions. We have won and duccessfully delivered a numerous projects, with and on behalf of organisations including, Erasmus+ and various British Council national organisations. 

For Teachers – have created our own online development platform for English language teachers. We are connection teachers from all over the world and had over 1200 teachers use our unique Inspire Teach platform in its first year (2020). You can access the iteach platform here.

Benefits of a UKLC teacher training programme;

  • Highly experienced team of teacher trainers
  • Ability to host bespoke programmes to meet the needs of various projects
  • A wide range of academic and personal development subjects available, including; CLIL, literature, teaching as performing, language in context and asynchronous performativity
  • Face-to-face, online and hybrid delivery 
  • Residential or homestay accommodation packages in the UK

For more information regarding the packages we can offer, email [email protected]


The feedback from our training and delivery sessions is always positive. Here are some quotes from teachers we have worked with:

“Thank you so much. Your ideas were great! We have to
be real actors to perform a nice lesson. Thanks!!” Olha (Portugal)

“Thank you so much for your help and fantastic sessions! I hope to attend many others in the
future. They’ve been so useful and inspiring!” Wilde (Italy)

“The work you have done together with other Teachers of English has been inspiring.”
Maria (Spain)

“I think that what you are offering us teachers is quite unprecedented, so thank you from the
bottom of my heart.” Cristiana (Italy)

Available Dates

  • 2nd January - 18th December 2022

Available Dates

  • 2nd January - 18th December 2022

Summary information about all of our courses can be found in our ebrochures – which you can download by clicking the links below.

DOWNLOAD UKLC 2022 Summer Brochure DOWNLOAD UKLC 2022 Year-Round Brochure